Any woman can wear a great outfit but it is the nails that make the statement

Nails Catalogue

  • Pedicure
  • Pedicure French
  • Pedicure Lac
  • Pedicure Lac French
  • Pedicure Striplac
  • Alessandro Spa Pedicure
  • Thermasoft Paraffin Feet
  • Feet Scraping

Nail Polish

Take your polish up a notch! Do a nail design with our creative nail technicians!

Nail Trimming / File

Form and shape it just like how you want it to!

Cuticle Cleaning

A healthy nails also requires a healthy and clean Cuticles!


The world’s first nail polish that lasts much longer than standard polish, doesn’t chip and doesn’t need any solvents or nail polish remover to remove it.

Nail Extension

Intensify your claws with our Master Nail Technicians!

Nail Repair

For any remedy regarding your nails.

3D Design

A 3D nail art is a very popular and fabulous look for your nails.

Extension Removal

Let the professionals do it for you

French Extension

Get fabulous looking nails with French manicure gel nail extensions!

Natural Overlay Set Short

A quick way to attain luxurious nails!

Refill Normal

Refresh your nails - get them to look good as new!


A must nail accessory! This will add volume and a statement for your nails.


A classic and essential manicure for all expressive ladies!

French Polish

If you want to gain that classic, elegant look of a french manicure


If you want a chip free Nail Polish that instantly dries, is durable and strengthens the natural nails, then alessandro International's LAC SENSATION is for you

Alessandro Spa Manicure

NAIL SPA is a unique nail care system that can be adapted to the individual needs of different nail types. For hands & feet.

Thermasoft Paraffin Hands

THERMASOFT is a purely natural, self-heating hand and foot mask, of which both relaxes and regenerates with a pleasant heat. The active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin and unfold intense therapeutic effects there. For Hands & Feet


A classic and essential manicure for all expressive ladies!

Feet Scraping

For a baby soft feet that you've ever feel.